futures. Jordy Large

futures. Jordy Large

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futures. Jordy Medium All Round Thurster Fin Set, Size L, die Jordy Smith Signature Finne, Ride Number 5.1. Wenn Jordy hinter diesen Finnen steckt, weiß man, dass sie verdammt gut für alle möglichen Surfbedingungen funktionieren. Und das sagt futures. zu der Finne: The Jordy Large is a Balanced fin with a Ride Number of 5.1. The South African powerhouse designed his signature fin for use in all conditions. The Honeycomb construction gives the fin a medium flex pattern. The template features a wider base for increased drive off the bottom, as well a refined tip for release and more rake for arcing turns. 

Side Fins Center Fin 
Area 16.12 16.12 
Height 4.73 4.73 
Base 4.77 4.77 

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