Carver 31.5 Origin

Carver 31.5 Origin

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Das Origin geht zurück an die Carver Wurzeln vor 21 Jahren, als Carver begann das Surfen auf die Straße zu bringen. Das Origin kommt als Hyperspoon-Shape, eine tiefere Nose und ein progressives Skate Tail sind ideal zum pumpen und um z.B. Steigungen mit Flow zu meistern und um anschließend einen engen Turn zu carvern. Das Origin kommt dazu mit einem super schönen Design, was die Entstehung der Wellen von der Sonne, über Wind und Gezeiten darstellt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Und das sagt Carver zu dem Origin: „21 Years tells it all. Featuring the new "Hyperspoon" mold with a deeper front foot pocket, the Origin is smooth and flowy with confident rail to rail responsiveness. Carver started with the sea, and with the joy of sliding on the face of a wave. But we are also surrounded by an abundance of municipally made inclined surfaces, our 'waves by proxy', so we slide across all this cement on watery bearings, capturing a similar kind of potential energy. Surfing inspired Carver's innovative skateboard trucks, and now 21 years later we celebrate the true origin of our stoke; the wave and the process of its creation. The graphic tells the story of the origin of waves, from the sun and winds to the moon and tides. Like our own history, we began as a small ripple, building into a groundswell over time. We chronicle this history in the new documentary '21 Years of Stoke', showing the beginnings of Carver and this nascent surfskate renaissance. In those early days we rode everything on one board, long enough to handle a hill with skill, short enough to have fun pumping a driveway bank. Wide and short with a stretched-out wheelbase, this proportion always worked well, so we made this commemorative 21 year board just that. We made the quintessential surfskate shape by literally combining contours of a surfboard nose with a skateboard tail, both from a metaphoric and functional standpoint. Introducing the new Hyperspoon mold, our most advanced surfskate mold yet, this new mold features a deeper spooned nose and a more progressive skate tail. It's a more extreme version of our classic Spoon mold, continuing to push surfskate performance forward.”

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  • Carver C7 oder CX Achse
  • 80,01 cm Länge
  • 9 3/4’’ wide
  • 6 1/2’’ Tail
  • 2 ½’’ Nose
  • 17 1/4’’ wheelbase
  • schwarzes GripTape
  • 69mm 78a Concave Smoke wheels



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